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Q.  If we supply you with a durometer, gravity and basic properties, how quickly can you give us a quote and a sample?
A.  We have in excess of 500 compounds and in most cases one can easily be modified to permit us to get you a quote the same day and a sample sent within 48 hours of the request.

Q.  MIL-R-6130C is no longer valid.  What replaced this military specification?
A.  ASTM D 6576 replaced this on 03/2001.

Q.  If we send you a sample of what we are currently buying, can you analyze it and send us an equivalent material?
A.  Yes, we can quickly characterize the material's physical properties and supply you with a material that match what you are currently buying.  We will also check the gravity and rheology to ensure a perfect match to accomodate your existing tooling.

Q.  We have a ZZ-R-765E spec but is that the most current revision.
A.  No, ZZ-R-765 was replaced by A-A-59588 on January 12, 2001.  It still spells out the Classes and various Grades as the original ZZ-R-765E did.

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